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Sacramento, April 29th, 1883

The regular monthly meeting
of the officers of Congregation B.I. was
held at Mr. B. Kominsky's office
at 10 1/2 o'clock A.M.

President L. Elkus in the Chair.
At roll call, all officers were noted
present except Mr. D.J. Simmons.

The minutes of February 25th and
the usual expenses for the month
of March was read and approved.

A proposition of Mr. S. Rosenfeld
to become a member was read
received and unanimously elected.

Committee on and entertainment ask
for further time, which on motion
was granted.

The secretary stated that the accounts
of the Ledger and Treasurer's account
do not tally.

On motion of Mr. Lithauer a committee
of was appointed to examine the
books and report the next meeting.

The President appointed the following committee:
Mssrs. Lithauer, Kominsky
and Dombrower.

The following bills were allowed
Rev. Dr. Bloch, Salary for the Month of April $150.00
M. Wilson " " " " 35.00
N. Mohn " " " " 15.00
J.F. Cooper Organist " " " " 20.00

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