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Sacramento, July 1th, 1883

The regular monthly meeting of the
officers of Congregation B.I was held
at Mr. Kozminskys office
at 10 1/2 o'clock A.M

Vice President M. Robertscheck
in the Chair.
At roll called L. Elkus President was
noted absent.

The minutes of last regular meeting
was read and approved.

An application for membership of Mr.
H. Weinstock was read and on
motion received, and elected unanimous.

On motion the Secretary was instructed
to notify Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Cooper, also
Miss Jeannie Woods, that the Congregation
will dispense with the choir and organist
until September 1th, 1883. Carried.

The Secretary reported that he has received
from Etham Lodge & I.O.B.B.
the sum of $58.00, the net received from
their picnic, and has handed the money
to the treasury.
On motion the secretary was instructed to
tender that lodge a note of thanks.

The Secretary stated that a
ledger and rec'd book is needed.
On motion the Secretary was authorized
to procure the same. Carried.

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