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Sacramento, July 16th, 1883

A special meeting of the Board
of officers was held at 10 1/2 o'clock
at Mr. B. Kozminsky's office.

President L. Elkus presiding.
All officers were noted present except
Mr. S. Lavinson and B. Steinman.

The President stated this meeting was
called for the purpose of hearing from
a committee of five what has been appointed
by the Orthodox Society, to alter some
part of Minhag America. On motion
the same was granted.

Messrs. M. Levy, Ch. Barnes, S. Stein,
M. Friedman, and Landau
was admitted and each of the gentlemen
gave their view in regard of
They also presented with resolution
of their adoption in said society
after the committee retired.

On motion of Mr. S. Wasserman to
appoint a committee of 3 to confer with the
Rev. Dr. J. Bloch in regard to said
resolution and report as
early as possible. Carried.

The President appointed Messrs. Robertscheck,
Bories and Markus Levy.

No further business appearing,
the meeting adjourned.

S. Morris

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