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Sacramento, July 29th, 1883

The regular monthly meeting of the
Board of Officers of Congregation B.I.
was held at Mr. B. Kozminsk's office
at 10 1/2 o'clock A.M.

Mr. L. Elkus, President, presiding.
At roll called all officer were
noted present except Mr. S. Wasserman.

The minutes of last monthly and special
meeting of July 16th was read and

The committee on revising the Minhag
made their report and stating that they
had a meeting with Dr. Bloch and the
Dr. sent in a long statement in regard
to the same, which is a synopsis
of it. That the Rev. gentleman is satisfied
except the Kol Nidre, and providing
a Shochet Chazzan is engaged to do
the work.

On motion of Mr. B. Steinman that it
is the sense of this meeting that the
proposition of Dr. Bloch be approved.
The ayes and noes was called
and all voted in favor except the
Secretary S. Morris.

A communication was read from Dr. Bloch
asking for a vacation during
the month of August.

On motion the communication was
received and the request was

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