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Sacramento, October 21th, 1884

Special meeting of the Board of Officers
of the Congregation was held in Eureka Social Club
rooms. President Elkus presiding.
At roll call, Messrs. Robertscheck, Mooser,
Hirsch was noted absent.

The President stated the object of the
meeting was to pass some suitable
resolutions in commemoration of the
centenary of Sir Moses Montefiore.
Mr. Mark Levy moved that a committee
of 3 be appointed to draft some
suitable resolutions.

[margin note: approved]
The President appointed as the committee
Marks Levy, S. Morris, L. Phillips.
The President and Secretary was added
to the committee.

It was also decided to send those
resolutions to the Jewish Times
and Hebrew Observer of San Francisco
and a copy thereof send to
Sir Moses Montefiore.

No further business appearing
before this meeting, the same adjourned.

S. Dombrower,

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