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Hall of Eureka Social Club
Sacramento, August 30th, 1885

A regular monthly meeting
of the Board of Officers was held
at 10 1/2 o'clock A.M.

Mr. L. Elkus, President, presiding.
At roll call Messrs. M. Robertscheck
Vice President, and S. Mooser, Trustee
were noted absent.
Minutes of last regular meeting
was read and approved.

The President declared an election
of one Trustee in order, in place
of Mr. Marks Levy. Mr. B. Cohen
was placed in nomination, then
being no other nominee, the Secretary
was authorized to cast the vote
and Mr. B. Cohen was declared
elected unanimously for the unexpired term,
and the Secretary instructed
to notify Mr. Cohen of his election.

The President stated that he has
partial engaged Mr. Rehfeld
for Shachrit Chazzan and
other services as what he has
to perform, on the approval of the
Board, at $50.00
and incidental expenses.
On motion the President was
authorized to engage
Mr. Rehfeld for the coming holidays.

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