Status: Complete

The President stated that it necessary
to procure 2 music books for the
coming holidays.
On motion it was left to the
President to get the same. Carried.

The following bills were allowed
Rev. Dr. Taubenhaus $ 125.00
M. Wilson 35.00
Hebrew Benevolent Society 10.00
J.F. Cooper 20.00
Mr. Berliner 5.00
Advertising and telegram 2.25
Wilson and Mitchell [Note] 7.00
Insurance 22.50
Gas 3.60
Total $ 230.35

Financial Statement
Balance in Treasury August 30th $ 67.02
Collection during this month of September 198.00
Total $ 265.02
Drawn by voucher for September 230.35
Leaving a balance September 28th 34.67

There appearing no further business,
the meeting adjourned.

S. Morris,

[Note: Golden Eagle Carriages]

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