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Hall of Eureka Social Club
Sacramento, October 11th, 1885

Adjourned meeting of the Board of Officers
was called to order at 10 1/2 o'clock.

Mr. L. Elkus President presiding.
At roll call, Mr. M. Robertscheck Vice President
was noted absent.

The minutes of regular August 30
and special meeting August 31st
was read and approved.

Application of Messrs. Lee Jacobs
and Philip Nathan were received
and on motion the above gentlemen
were unanimously elected.

Resignation of Mr. Germanus
as Trustee of this Board and member
of this Congregation was read
stating that on account of removing
from this city, was on motion accepted.

The President declared nomination
for a Trustee in order.
Messrs. S. Dombrower and M. Hirsch
was placed in nomination. The
President appointed Mr. B. Cohen as Teller.
Two ballots being had
and there being no choice.
On motion of Mr. Cohen
the election was laid
over until [??] the regular

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