Status: Complete

The following bills were allowed
Rev. Taubenhaus salary $ 125.00
Rev. Taubenhaus wedding fees 10.00
Mr. M. Wilson salary 35.00
Mr. M. Wilson wedding fees 5.00
J.F. Cooper organist 20.00
N. Mohns sexton 15.00
Hebrew Benevolent Society 10.00
B. Cohen hanging curtain 2.00
S. Morris stationary 2.75
Capital Gas Co. 3.90
Total $ 228.65

Financial statement
Balance in Treasury last report $ 85.92
Collection during month of November 190.00
Collection at the cemetery 2.50
Total $ 278.42
Drawn by vouchers for November 228.65
leaving a balance $ 49.77

There appearing no further business,
the meeting adjourned.

S. Morris, Secretary

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