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Hall of Eureka Club
Sacramento, December 27th, 1885

A regular monthly meeting of the
Board of Officers was held at 10 1/2
o'clock A.M.
Mr. L. Elkus President in the chair.

At roll call Mr. L. Phillips, Treasurer
and B. Cohen, Trustee
was noted absent.
Minutes of October 25 and November
29th were read and approved.

A communication was read from Mr. M. Levy stating
he wishes to pay instead of $3.00 only 2.00.
The secretary was instructed to notify
Mr. Levy that he must pay $3.00.

A application from Mr. S. Cooney
to become a member of the Congregation.
The President stated this application
is out of order, as Mr. Cooney has not
resigned and is in arrears $15.00.

On motion of Mr. Mooser, the application
was returned to the gentleman and
Secretary inform him unless he pays up, he
can't be reinstated.

The school board stated there is a deficiency
of $2.35 on Hanukkah Festival and ask
for the amount.

On motion the above amount
was granted.

The following bills were allowed
Rev. Taubenhaus salary $125.00
M. Wilson 35.00
N. Mohns 15.00
John F. Cooper 20.00
Hebrew Benovolent Society 10.00

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