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Hall of Eureka Social Club
Sacramento, April 25th, 1886

A regular monthly meeting
of the Board of Officers was held
at 10 1/2 o'clock A.M.

At roll called
Mr. L. Elkus, President,
S. Morris, Secretary,
and J. Gattmann, School Director,
was present.

There being no quorum present,
the President ordered
the Secretary to make out
the regular monthly warrants
and the President stated
also that he has received
$25.00 marriage fees from
Mr. Gradwell.

S. Morris,

The following bills is as followed
Rev. G. Taubenhaus $125.00
" marriage fees 10.00
M. Wilson, salary 35.00
" marriage fees 5.00
N. Mohns, taking care of cemetery 15.00
J.F. Cooper, organist 20.00
Capitol Gas Co. 3.60
Hebrew B.S. 10.00

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