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Hall of Eureka Social Club
Sacramento, September 26th, 1886

A regular monthly meeting of
the Board of Officers was called
to order at 10 1/2 o'clock A.M.
Mr. L. Elkus President in the
At roll call Mr. A. Dennery was
noted absent.

The minutes of last regular meeting
was read and approved.

Mr. D.J. Simmon ask to reduce
his dues from $3.00 to $2.00 per month
which on motion was granted.

Under unfinished business, the
salary for Mr. Cooper of last month
was taken up and on motion of
Mr. Dombrower the same was allowed.

Mr. B. Wilson stated that a part of
the gallery for the choir needs a little
alteration. On motion Mr. B. Wilson
was authorized to have the same

Mr. M. Wilson was present and stated
that some of the chandeliers needs polishing
up. On motion the Vice President
was instructed to have
the same done. Carried.

Mr. Dombrower kindly offered himslef
to officiate as Shachares [Shacharit] Chazzan for the
coming New Year and Atonement. On motion
the kind offer of Mr. Dombrower was accepted.

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