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Sacramento, April 27th, 1890

A regular monthly meeting of Board of Officers was held
at 2 1/2 o'clock P.M.
Mr. L. Elkus, President, in the chair.
At roll call, the following officers
were noted absent.
H. Weinstock, Vice President, S. Wasserman, Treasurer,
and the school directors
Messrs. B.U. Steinman, D. Lubin, and M. Gratz.

There being no quorum present
a informal meeting was held
and the President and Secretary
was authorized to draw the following bills.

Rev. J.L. Levy, salary $166.66
M. Wilson, " for collector 15.00
Prof. Kinross, as organist 25.00
Miss Pullman, alto singer 10.00
Capitol Gas Co. for gas 2.40
City Taxes 61.60
Sac Bee, advertising 1.03
" Record Union .80
Rev. Levy, for envelopes, stamps, and chalk .90
Woodson Bros, printing 145 program 0 5.00
S. Morris, 29 blank book for Hebrew School & 15 Adv. 1.60
Chamberline & Co., repairing roof 25.00
J. Miller, Undertaker, for burying [Landow's??] child 27.00
S. Morris, advertising May 1th .35
Total $376.41 [$377.34 ?]

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