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Sacramento, June 1th, 1890

A regular monthly meeting of the
Board of Officers was held
at 10 o'clock A.M.
Mr. L. Elkus, President, in the chair.
At roll call the following officers
were noted absent.
Mr. H. Weinstock, Vice President, M.H. Hirsch, Trustee and
B.U. Steinman, School Director.

The minutes of March 30th and April 26th
was read and approved.
The resignation of Mr. Ch. Jacobs was read
and on motion accepted.

The following bills were allowed
Rev. Jos. L. Levy salary $ 166.66
M. Wilson 35.00
N. Mohn taking care of cemetery 15.00
Prof. Kinross, organist 25.00
Miss Pullman alto singer in choir 10.00
Crutch & Lyman repairing gas fixtures 1.00
D.J. Mannix repairing ceiling 50.00 [Note]
Filch & Cooley insurance 22.25
M. Wilson brooms & lemonade & divider 4.50
Locke & Lavinson hanging curtains & plaster 8.00
Capital Gas Co. for gas 1.20
Advertising in Record Union & bill .95
Rev. J.L. Levy advance for Passover entertainment 20.00
Woodson Bros. printing 10.00
Total $ 369.56

There appearing no further business
the meeting adjourned.

S. Morris

[Note: Mannix, Dennis J., plastering contr., 2215 O]

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