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Sacramento, June 29th, 1890

A regular monthly meeting
of Board of Officers at C.B.I
was held at 10 1/2 o'clock A.M.
At roll call, the following officers
were noted absent.
Mr. W. Weinstock, Vice President, D. Lubin,
B.U. Steinman and M. Gratz, School Board.
A quorum being present
the minutes of last meeting were
read and approved.

Application of Mr. Myer Clark was
read and on motion, the gentleman
was elected a member of this congregation
at $1.00 per month.

The resignation of
Mr. M. Kohn was read and motion
it was accepted as he paid up to date.

A commnication of Rev. J.L. Levy,
asking for a vacation.
On motion, a vacation was granted
to the Rev. gentleman from the 15th of July
to 22th of August, carried.

The President stated that the
roof of the synagogue needs painting,
on motion, the President was
authorized to have the same painted
when he thinks it is necessary.

The following bills were allowed:
Rev. J.L. Levy, salary $166.66
M. Wilson, " 35.00
N. Mohns, care of cemetery 15.00
Prof. Kinross, organist 25.00
Miss Pullman 10.00
Capitol Gas Co. for gas 1.80

Amount brought over $225.46
Bloch Publ. Co. for books 27.65
Rev. Levy, for Mr. Dinsmore 3.50
M. Zeibel 1.50
Total 258.11

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