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The committee on raising funds for the indebtedness
of the congregation reported that they have
collected the sum of $600.40 and that they have
taken up the balance of note to Mr. O. Ross to $230.00
and paid over the balance to the treasurer.

On motion it was ordered that a vote of thanks be
tendered to Mr. Albert Elkus and A. Bonheim for
their good work in collecting the nice amount.

The secretary was instructed to communicate
with Mr. Bories that the Board regrets that he
had withdrawn from the congregation and to call
on the vice president to make arrangements
for the place in the cemetery.

The following monthly salaries were ordered paid
Rabbi Simon 150.00 [Note 1]
Mr. Wilson collector 50.00
Mrs. Hanley organist 10.00
Mrs. Ross singing 10.00
Mr. Mohns cemetery 15.00

The following bills were read and ordered paid
Capital Gas 4.60
Emil Steinman silver tray & [??] 19.50
J. Ginsburg board [??] 1.00
Secretary postal cards & stamps 1.00
Sundries for note O. Ross. 230 and 2.90 232.90 [Note 2]
Total 494.00
Donations received in pledge 5.00

No further business appearing, the meeting adjourned.

Leon Salomon

[Note 1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abram_Simon]
[Note 2: Oscar Ross, manager, the C.P. Nathan Co.]

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