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and the improvement not to exceed that

The President stated that there was due to
Mr. Mohns $20.00 for planting trees
and irrigating same. On motion an order
was drawn on the Treasurer for $10.00
to pay on account to Mr. Mohns.

The Cemetery Committee was instructed
to carry out the instructions from the board
in relation to the plat [Note] of Mr. Poska to
which he is not entitled, to remove the
curbing or pay $100.00 for the plat.

The Secretary was instructed to
communicate again with Mrs. Marks in
San Francisco in relation to the grave
adjoining her husband. Also to communicate
with Mr. Louis Phillips about
the grave next to Miss Stella Phillips
if she would not transfer it to the

Communication from the Director of the
Jewish Chautauqua Society, Philadelphia,
asking for contributing or subscription
membership was read, ordered received and
placed on file.

The following bills were read and ordered paid
C. Suter for flag pole 20.00
Locke & Laverson Flag 10.00
J.W. Wilson 4 carriages for Dennery & S.S. Nathan 14.00
Cap Gas Co. Gas & Incandescent Lights 3.80
W.J. Thompson setting up & taking down [?stove ] 2.00
Christianson & Co. broom .70
N. Mohns on acct. 10.00
Total $60.50

][Note: In current U.S. usage, a "plat" is a map of a piece of land, but in British usage, and evidently in the era these Minutes were taken in the U.S., a "plat" can/could also be the same thing as a "plot," a small piece of land such as a cemetery plot. Salomon usually used the term "plat," though once in a while he wrote "plot." We have transcribed whichever he wrote, though at times it is difficult to decipher one from the other.]

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