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Sacramento May 25th, 1898

The board of officers of the Congregation B'nai
Israel met at the synagogue at 8 o'clock P.M.
Mr. Albert Elkus, president, presiding.
Roll call the following were noted absent. Treasurer
Emil Steinman, Trustee, A. Bonheim & school
director J. Anchell.

Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.
The resignation of Morris L. Levy was read and

Mr. Leon Cahen having returned from Europe
asked to have his name again placed on the roll of
membership and on motion it was so ordered.

Communication from the Director of the Jewish
Chautauqua Society asking this congregation to
become contributing or subscribing member was
read and on motion ordered on file.

The building comittee reported that they have
awarded the contract for painting of the
synagogue to Sullivan Kelly Co. [Note] for $50.00
and for wiring the building, they have received
bids from 25.00 to 60.00. On motion it was ordered
that the $25.00 bid be accepted.

The trustees reported that they have had placed the
pole & flag on top of the building.

The cemetery committee was authorized to
have the house in the grounds removed
to sell it for whatever they can get for it.
And to improve the grounds at an expense
not exceeding $50.00, the first money to come in
from the sale of plots.

The president stated that there was $25.00
due to Mr. Mohns for planting trees, irrigating, etc.

[Note: Sullivan Kelly Co. 915-919 2nd, 1895]

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