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Sacramento July 31, 1898

The Board of Officers met at 8 P.M. Mr. Albert
Elkus, President, presiding.
Roll call: H. Weinstock, Sam Lavenson, and J. Thieben

Minutes of last meeting read and approved.
Mr. M.S. Jaffee applied to become a member of the
congregation and on motion the application was
received and Mr. Jeffery elected a member.
The resignations of Messrs. I. Lewis and Theo. Gosliner
were accepted.

Committee on wiring the building reported that they
have overlooked 2 lights at an expense of 3.00
and asked that the amount be paid, which was so
ordered, a warrant drawn on Treasurer for
30.50, 25.00 for firm contract and 2.50 for globes and
3.00 extra lights.

The following report from the chairman of the
cemetery committee was read:

Sacramento, July 31, 1898

To the officers of Congregation B'nai Israel

It is with pleasure that I can report to you
a donation of $78.55 from the Ladies Auxilliary
Society to be applied for necessary repairs in
the cemetery. I can also report to you that the old
building in the cemetery has been sold for $5.00
making a total of $83.55 of which $14.25 has been
paid and to Mr. Mohns $4.00 for extra work
leaving a balance of 65.30 for future repairs.
With the consent of the Board I would respectfully
ask that all of the above balance shall be kept
as a special fund to apply only for the purpose
so kindly donated by the Ladies Auxilliary Society.

Louis Heilbron

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