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On motion it was ordered that the request be
granted and the treasurer requested to keep that
money separate, and to be used only for
improvements in cemetery.

The matter of exchanging plats of Mrs. Louis Levy
was on motion postponed.

Secretary instructed to notify Mrs. Bories
that she cannot hold plat in the cemetery
unless remaining a member of the congregation
or paying $50.00 additional.

The name of Julius Steinhart was dropped
from the roll on account of NP [nonpayment] of dues.
Bill of Sullivan Kelly for $50.00 for painting
synagogue was ordered paid.

The following amounts were ordered drawn
on the treasurer
Rabbi Simon, salary for July 150.00
Mr. Wilson 50.00
Mr. Mohns 15.00

On motion it was ordered that a vote of
thanks be tendered to the Ladies Aux. Society
for their donation of $78.55 and secretary
instructed to communicate to that effect with
the Ladies Aux. Society.

No further business, the meeting adjourned,
to meet on the 17th of August.

Leon Solomon,

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