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Sacramento, August 17, 1898

The Board of Officers met at the synagogue at
8 o'clock P.M. Mr. Albert Elkus, presiding.
Roll call, Mr. Sam Lavenson & A. Bonheim were
noted absent.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved.
On motion it was ordered that the prices of seats
be the same as last year with the exception
of reducing one of the $2.00 benches.
First bench $5.00, 2 next 3.00, 2 @ 2.50, 2 @ 2.00
And the balance $1.00.

The chart to be left at the place of business of
Mr. Albert Elkus and the secretary was instructed
to notify the members that seats can be [?drawn]
for commencing Sept. 1st to Sept. 11th. [Note]

The secretary was instructed to notify members
who are in arrears for dues, that it is expected
from them to pay for seats in advance.
On motion it was ordered that no assistant
should be engaged for the Holidays.
Services to commence at 7:00 P.M.
The chair appointed Wm. Thieben, J. Ginsberg
and the secretary committee to attend
so members get their proper

The regular salaries were ordered paid
Warrants drawn on the treasurer for amounts
Rabbi Simon 150.00
Mr. Wilson, collector 50.00
Mr. Mohns taking care of cemetery 15.00
Total 215.00

No further business appearing, the
meeting adjourned

Leon Salomon

Mr. Sam Nathan communicated with the board that he is
unable to keep up to remain a member of the congregation
and asks for his dues remitted & to accept his resignation.
On motion the request was granted and 2 seats for
[Margin note: the holidays should be given to Mr. Nathan]

[Note: Rosh Hashanah 1898 started Sept. 16]

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