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The president stated that some of the members
of the congregation asked him to engage an
assistant and they would pay some portion of the expenses.
And he so engaged Mr. Samuels at $40.00 and
have 25.50 subscribed for it and asked the board to
pay the difference. On motion it was ordered that
the action of the president be approved.

No further business appearing, the board adjourned

Leon Salomon

Sacramento October 26, 1898

No quorum, meeting adjourned

Warrants drawn for the following

Abram Simon, Rabbi salary for October 150.00
Mr. Wilson 50.00
Choir (Mrs. Hanley, 10, Miss Ross, 10) 20.00
N. Mohns, cemetery 15.00
Cap. Gas Co. 3.15
Day & Joy printing postals 2.00
Maison Faure lunches for choir 6.00 [Note]
Total $246.15
[??] Day & Joy 1.75

Special cemetery funds
Christianson & Co. Bluegrass seed 1.25
N. Mohns, leveling & seeding ground 4.00
Total 5.25

Financial Report
Balance general fund in Treasury 139.96
Collection October dues, etc. 210.
Total 349.96
Paid out as per Warrants 247.90
Balance in Treasury 102.06

Spec. Cem. fund Balance in Treasury 51.80
Paid out as per warrants 5.25
Balance of fund 46.55

No further business appearing, the meeting adjourned. Leon Salomon, secretary

[Note: Maison Faure, French restaurant, 618 K St.]

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