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Special Meeting

Sacramento, August 23, 1899

The board of officers of the congregation
pursuant to notice, met in the synagogue
at 8 P.M. Mr. Albert Elkus, president, presiding.

The chair stated the object of meeting was to
make arrangements for the coming holidays.
The president stated that he has been
corresponding in regards to get someone to officiate
during the holiday and that Mr. Mongola
teacher in the university has been mentioned.
The president was authorized with communicate
with that gentleman to ascertain
if qualified to officiate as cantor & preacher
and find out the terms. Mr. Weinstock
stated that he would be in San Francisco
on next Saturday, and if the president
would communicate that fact to Mr. Magola
then Mr. Weinstock would meet him in his
office in San Francisco & would ascertain
if qualified & willing to officiate & Mr.
Weinstock giving full power to acting.

The following schedule of prices
for seats was adopted by the board
Row 1 for members 5.00
" 2 & 3 " 3.00 Nonmembers $5.00
" 4, 5, 6 " 2.50 " 3.50
" 7 ,8 " 2.00 " 3.00
" 9 to 14 [??] " 1.00 " 2.50

And the secretary was instructed to send notices
to members to that effect.

No further business appearing,
the meeting adjourned.

Leon Salomon,

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