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Special Meeting
Sacramento, August 31, 1899

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Albert
Elkus, President, at 8 P.M.
Roll called and absentees noted.
Minutes of last special meeting read and approved.

The President stated that it was impossible
to get any one to officiate, that Mr. Mangola
wanted $150.00 and all expenses paid.

The resignation of Mr. H. Marks and Mrs. C. Joseph
were read and on motion were ordered accepted.

The Secretary was instructed to invite Mr. Jacob Guisberg
to officiate and recite the prayers in the Orthodox
style on New Year morning until 10 and to read
the scroll, and blow the shofar, and give the
services on the 2nd day of New Year, also to occupy
the pulpit and recite prayers in the Orthodox style
on the day of Yom Kippur in the morning until
10 oclock. And read from the scroll.
On motion it was ordered that the Board asks Mr.
Weinstock to deliver lectures on both holidays
The Secretary was instructed to send out invitations
to nonmembers and send a schedule of prices also
that they are welcome to the synagogue.

No further business appearing. The meeting

Leon Salomon

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