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Regular Meeting
Sacramento, October 4, 1899

The Board of Officers met in the synagogue at
8 pm. Mr. Albert Elkus presiding.

Roll call Mr. H. Fraley, school director director
noted absent.

Minutes of last special meeting read and approved.

Mrs. S. Lavenson appeared before the meeting as a
Committee of one of the Ladies Auxiliary Society
stating here at the last meeting of the Ladies
of that society, they have donated the sum
of $60.00 for the purpose of having some repairs
done in the synagogue. And Mr. Albert Elkus
also appeared before the meeing from the part
of the Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society stating that
the society has also donated the sum of 140.00
this amount likeness to be used for the renovating
the interior of the Synagogue.

On motion, it was ordered that the report
of the Ladies be received and the secretary
was instructed to communicate with the
Secretaries of the Ladies Auxiliary Society and the
Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Assn. to accept the thanks from
the Board in the name of the congregation
for the generous donations.

On motion, it was ordered that a committee of
2 be appointed to meet in conjunction
with a committee from both the Ladies Societies
and ascertain what is to be done and find out
the cost of same and the Secretary to notify
the Ladies Auxilary and Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Ascn. as to
that affect. The chair appointed Mr. A. Bonheim and H. Fraley.
On motion the President was added to that committee.

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