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Mr. Heilbron committee of one appointed
to get bids from Progressive cleaners reported
that he had not seen thus far, but would
leave the matter in the hands of the members
of the congregation at their annual meeting
next Sunday. The report was received and adopted.

The following bills were ordered paid:
W. P. Coleman Co. insurance 38.10
Capital Gas Co. 3.63
Day and Joy 70 postal cards 1.70
Bloch Publishing Co. prayer books 26.38
French restaurant lunches for Choir 5.00
Capital [Furniture??] Co. [??180] envelope [2.00??]
Exchange on check and lettering name on Book 0.65

The following salaries were ordered paid:
M. Wilson collector 50.00
Mr. Mohns cemetery 15.00
Mrs. Stanley organist 10.00
Mrs. Ross choir 10.00

No further business appearing the meeting

Leon Salomon

[Progressive House and Window Cleaning Co. 429 K]

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