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Sacramento, November 10, 1899

A special meeting was called by the president for
the purpose of acting on the bids for the
papering and painting of the interior of the synagogue
and also to act on the different applications
of Rabbi.

The bid of Locke and Lavenson for ----- was read
and on motion it was ordered that the same be accepted.
Several applications were read for the position of
Rabbi. The matter of selecting 4 of the applicants
was referred to a committee of Mr. H. Weinstock
and Mr. L. Heilbron, who are to communicate
and ask for their credentials and on motion
it was ordered that Rev. Greenburg be included
among the applicants. The president was added
to that committee.

Mr. Lesser was proposed to become a member of the
congregation and was elected.

No further business, the meeting adjourned.

Leon Salomon

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