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Regular Meeting

Sacramento, December 6th, 1899

The Board of Officers met in the synagogue at 8 P.M.
Mr. Albert Elkus, president, presiding.
Roll called and absentees noted.

Minutes of last regular and special meetings were read
and approved.

Communication from Miss Sophie Price, thanking the officers
and members of the congregation for the prayer books for
services rendered in the choir, which had been cheerfully
given, and will continue to assist in the future. [note 1]
The communication was ordered received and placed on file.

Communication from the Ladies Auxiliary Society
offering to donate $75.00 for the purpose of assisting
to buy a new carpet for the synagogue.

The communication was ordered received, and the secy.
instructed to communicate with the Ladies Auxiliary
Society thanking them for their kind offer and to
ask them to appoint a committee to select a
carpet and to submit the sample to the president
of this Board who would then call a special meeting
and submit the propositions to the Board.

The committee who was appointed to communicate
with the various applicants for Rabbi reported progress.

On motion the secretary was instructed to send a letter
of thanks to Rev. Silcox for the able lecture delivered [note 2]
to the synagogue on Friday evening 1st inst.

The following monthly salaries were ordered paid
and warrants drawn on the treasurer for the amounts.
M. Wilson 40.00
Mr. Mohns 15.00
Mrs. Stanley 10.00
Mrs. Ross 10.00

The following bills were read and ordered paid
City and County taxes 35.45
Expenses Mr. O. [?Wise] 12.00

[note 1: Miss Sophia Price, teacher, res. 1016 N]
[note 2: J.B. Silcox, born Canada, preached at First Church, Sacramento, 1890-1892, left, returned to First Church ~ 1900-1902. "His “Grip and Grit” sermon was just as popular as an Oscar-winning film would be in our day, so popular, indeed, that he delivered it more than two hundred times!" Academia.edu. "Forgotten Social Gospellers, J.B. Silcox and Hugh Pedley"]

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