Status: Complete

Brought forward 122.45

150 E Postal Cards 1.50
M. Hirsch for stove 13.00
Frank H. Wing for rubber stamps 1.75
Capital Gas Co.
Mr. Lurse for singing 2.50
Progressive cleaners 8.00
American Israelis advertising 8.00
W.J. Thompson repairing roof 10.00
M. Wilson removing [rubbish?] 1.00

The bill of the Capital Gas Co. was referred to
the president for the purpose of getting a rebate
on same.

On motion, it was ordered that the various [??standing] committees
be the same as last year.

Balance on treasury December 1, 1899 $477.96
Received from collector for November dues 135.00
Total 612.96
Paid out as per warrants 169.20. [?168.20?]
Balance in treasury 443.76 [?written in red ink]

No further business appearing, the meeting adjourned
Leon Salomon

[Frank H. Wing, Rubber Stamps, 1008 3rd, 1895 dir]
[Marks Hirsch, hardware, 1901 dir]

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