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Regular Meeting of Trustees
Sacramento, December 27, 1899

Mr. A. Elkus called the meeting to order at 8 P.M. Elkus in chair.
Roll call and absentees noted.
Minutes of last meeting read and approved.

The committee appointed to meet with the committee of
the Hebrew Ben. Society and Ladies Auxiliary Society
reported progress.

Proposition of Mr. Richard Label to become a member [Note]
of the congregation was read and on motion was
ordered elected.

Mrs. L. Coleman decided to become a member of the
congregation if her back dues were remitted.
On motion the back dues were remitted and Mrs.
Coleman elected a member.

The following regular salaries were ordered paid and
warrants drawn on the treasurer for the amounts
M. Wilson salary 40.00
Mr. N. Mohns 15.00
Mrs. Hanley, organist 10.00
Mrs. Ross, singing 10.00

The following bills were read and ordered
Locke & Lavenson, contract 312.00
2 dusters 2.00
Extra on seats 23.00 Bronzing fixt. 2.00 25.00
21 yd. linoleum 1.50 31.50 Total 370.50
M. Hirsch hatchet 60 Filling up flowers 1.50 2.10
M. Miller carriages for funeral Mrs. Berk 7.00
Capital Gas Co. for December 7.40
Frank Lyman Globes & Co. 3.60
N. Mohns for cemetery 2.50
Capital Gas Co. bill for November 20.78
Progressive Cleaners 6.75
Total 495.63

[Note: Richard Label, barber, 1901 city diretory]

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