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Sacramento June 6th, 1900

The Board met in the room of Mr. Bonheim at 8 P.M.
President Mr. Albert Elkus presiding.
Roll call and absentees noted.
Minutes of last meeting read and approved.

The following applications for membership were
Chas. L. Hexter dues 2.50, E.W. Morse 1.00,
Alex Cohn 1.00, Abraham Michelsohn 2.50,
Theo Jacobs 1.00. [Note] On motion it was ordered that
the above named be placed on the roll and the
Secretary instructed to notify them of their

Mr. Jos. Thieben on account of leaving the city
tendered his resignation as Treasurer and as a
member of the congregation and to take effect
after this meeting. The same was granted
and a vote of thanks be tendered to Mr. Thieben.

Communcations from Dr. Wm. H. Greenburg addressed
to the President -- thanking on behalf of the
Ladies Auxiliary and the Gentlemen of the congregation
for the present he has received from them.
Communication ordered received and placed on file.

It was moved and ordered that it was the sense
of the Board that Mr. Wilson the collector should
be instructed to make his report by the 18th
of each month, and the Secretary to communicate
with him to that effect.

The usual vacation for July and August was granted
to Dr. Wm. H. Greenburg.

The appointment of successor to Mr. Thieben
was left to the President.

The following salaries were ordered paid
Rabbi Wm. H. Greenburg 150.00
M. Wilson 40.00
Mr. Mohns 15.00
Mrs. Hanley 10.00
Mrs. M. Ross 10.00
Progressive Cleaners 6.00

[Note: All five spellings confirmed in 1901 city directory. There were two Alex Cohen's and one Alex Cohn. Cohn is a salesman for W L & Co, where Mr. Bonheim works.]

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