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The special committee for the circulars
to be sent to all Israelites in the city
asking them to join the congregation and
that to February 1, they can join without
admission fee, reported that the circulars
were ready and the Secretary instructed to mail

The President presented a picture,
the Lion and Lamb, a gift from Mr. Lubin.
On motion, it was ordered that the same
be accepted and the Secretary instructed to
communicate with Mr. Lubin and thank him
for the beautiful present, and
Mr. M.S. Lavenson be appointed a
committee of one to hang the picture in the
room in the synagogue.

The following bills were read and ordered
Sacramento Gas, Electricity and lights 10.80
Capital Gas Co. for lights .88
Capital Gas Co. for mantels .70
H.S. Crocker Co. stationery 3.00
M. Miller 2 stack furnace 7.00 [Note]
S. Smith 1 " " 3.50
John Skelton wood 1.00
Sacramento Publishing Co. .50
Emil Steinman for prints 10.00
Total 37.38

Bill from Mrs. Hanley for extra
choir for the Holidays $60.00 was
read and Mr. Emil Steinman was appointed
a committee of one to make a settlement.
The Board deemed the price enormous.

The following salaries were ordered paid
Rev. Wm. H. Greenberg 150.00
Same marriage fees 15.00
M. Wilson collection 40.00

[Note: Miller & Mathews, contractors & builders]

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