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Sacramento January 2nd, 1901

The Board of Officers met in the synagogue at
8 P.M. Mr. Albert Elkus, President, presiding.
Roll called and absentees noted.
Minutes of last meeting read and approved.

The following applications for membership were received
and on motion the names were ordered to be placed on
the roll of members.
Mr. Gus Marks $2.50, Isador Nathan 1.00
Kozminsky 1.00, and S. Rothchild 1.00

The Secretary reported that he received from Mr. Eugene
Korn $5.00, his share towards repairing cemetery,
and that he has acknowledged the receipt with

The bill for extra choir during the holidays
for $60.00 was again brought before the meeting
and no objection being made, the bill was
ordered paid. The President stated that the
reason of bill being so high, that they had
rendered their services during the whole of
holiday and had gone to many rehearsals.

The regular salaries were ordered paid
Rev W.H. Greenburg 150.00
M. Wilson collector 40.00
Mr. Mohns taking care of cemetary 15.00
Mrs. Hanley organist 10.00
Miss M. Ross singing 10.00
Cleaners 6.00

The following bills were read and ordered paid
H.S. Crocker and Co. stationary and printing 7.00
Sacramento Electricity, Gas and Rail Co. for November 7.00
Capital Gas Co. 1.23
Adolph Teichert cement walk cemetery 24.00
John Skelton wood 3.00 [Note}
James McClatchy and Co. notices 1.44
S.J. Jackson Cong ventilator, etc. 5.50
Extra choir 60.00

[Note: John Skelton, wood & coal; S.J. Jackson, dealer, stoves & tinware]

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