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Sacramento, March 6, 1901

The regular meeting of the board met at 8
P.M. Mr. Albert Elkus, president, presiding.
Roll call and absentees noted.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved.

The application for membership of Mr. Morris [?Stenge]
recommended by Mr. M. Wilson was read & on
motion the same was ordered to be elected, having
complied with the payment of $2.50 for initiation

The chairman, Mr. Louis Heilbron on
cemetery reported that the work had been done
but having used new brick against the old
ones and that the cost was $8.00 more than
contracted for. The action of committee was

Mr. L. Heilbron, V.P. & chairman on cemetery
stated that there was a grave of Mr. Franks
& by writing to Mrs. E. Franks at Oakland
& that no doubt she would contribute her
share toward fixing up the grave. The
secretary was instructed to communicate with
Mrs. E. Franks.

The following bills read and ordered paid
and warrants drawn on the treasurer for the amounts
Capital Gas Co. 1.05
John Skelton for wood 4.00
James McClatchy & Co. for advertising 1.26
Lipman Levy, secty Union of Am Heb. Cong. dues 19.00
M. Meller hack for funeral 3.50
Albert Elkus telegrams 1.30
Herndon & Haley work on cemetery 40.00
Locke & Lavenson hanging picture .50

The regular salaries for the month were
ordered paid & warrants drawn on the treasurer
Rev. Wm. H. Greenburg 150.00
M. Wilson collector 40.00

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