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Monthly Meeting
Sacramento May 29, 1901

The Board met in the synagogue at 8 P.M.
Mr. Albert Elkus presiding.
Roll call and absentees noted.
Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.

Mr. Coleman who was reported at last meeting as
being delinquent for over one year dues was on
motion granted one month further time.

The matter about the selling plat in the cemetery
to Mr. Sam Nathan was again brought
before the meeting.

It was moved and seconded that Mr. Nathan
be notified that the Board would not change
the price and would accept $50.00 cash and his note
for the other $50.00 payable in monthly installments.
A substitution was offered that the matter be
indefinitely postponed, which was carried.

Mr. Heilbron reported that he received $125.00 from
Mr. Litzberg [Note], the cash price of a plat in the
cemetery and paid the amount over to the

Communication from the Helpful Thoughts Publishing
Co. of New-York was read asking for subscribers.
On motion it was ordered that this Board subscribe for
one copy and the Secretary authorized to send one dollar
for one copy and ascertain the price by taking
several copies.

Bill for Capital Gas Co. for 70¢ was ordered paid,
also bill McClatchy and Co. notice in Bee 34¢
Bill of Sacramento Publishing Co. for 75¢ was ordered
paid and warrant drawn on the Treasurer.

The following amounts for regular salaries were
ordered paid and warrants drawn on the Treasurer
for the amounts.
Rabbi Wm. H. Greenburg 150.00
M. Wilson, collector 40.00
Mr. Mohns, for cemetery 15.00
Mrs. Hanley, organist 10.00

[Note: Max Litzberg, shoes, 314 J St.]

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