Status: Complete

Miss M. Ross singing 10.00
Progressive cleaners 6.00

Nothing further appearing
the meeting adjourned

Leon Salomon

Further bills paid as follows:
Printing 200 programs for confirmation 4.00
Diplomas 1.00
Sacramento Elec, Gas, and Railway Co. for April and May 9.90

Sacramento July 10, 1901

The regular meeting of the Board of Officers
was called to order at 8 P.M. by Mr. Louis
Heilbron, Vice President.
Roll call and absentees noted.
Minutes of last regular meeting read and

Mr. Coleman not having paid any dues
and being in arrears was declared suspended.

Mr. L. Heilbron reported that Mr. Levy having
received permit from the congregation to bury
an infant child in the cemetery by paying $25.00
and the Secretary was authorized to make out
a bill and present to Mr. Levy.

The Secretary was instructed to notify
the choir that their services would be
dispensed with during July and August.

Communication from secretary of Helpful Thoughts
stating that they would take 50¢ each for
subscriptions of twenty or over for Sunday schools.
The matter was referred to the school directors
and confer with the Ladies Auxiliary Society
and report to this Board.

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