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Sacramento, July 31, 1901

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Officers
was called to order at 9 A.M. by Mr. L. Heilbron,
Vice President.
Roll called and Mr. Albert Elkus, President,
and Mr. H. Weinstock, Trustee, noted absent.
Minutes of last meeting were read and approved.

The last bill of Mr. Lyman for $3.55 which was
referred back to Mr. Lavenson reported the bill
correct which was ordered paid.

On motion the Secretary was authorized to
communicate with Mr. Albert Elkus, President,
stating to him of the action of the meeting
of the congregation, the acceptance of the
resignation of Rabbi Greenburg and that the
congregation has given the Trustees full
power to engage a Rabbi for the Holidays.
On motion it was ordered that the president
should invite a suitable person to officiate
on a Friday evening and pay his expenses
and to advertise in the 2 Jewish papers
that a vacancy exists in the congregation.

The Secretary reported that he received $25.00
marriage fees from Mr. Posner, Rabbi Greenburg
having performed the ceremonies.

On motion the Vice President was authorized
to telegraph to the Union College at
Cincinnati that a vacancy exists and to recommend
to us by mail the names of applicants.

On motion it was ordered that a set of suitable
Resolutions and properly engrossed be presented
to Rabbi Greenburg and a committee of 3 appointed
for that purpose. The chair appointed on
that Committee Mrs. Emil Steinman -
A. Bonheim, H. Fraley and the Vice President
was added to the committee.

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