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Cemetery Committee asked further time to report
which was granted.

The President reported that he received a
telegram from Mr. Rosenstein stating that
he could not come for the holiday unless
he receives $200.00. The president was authorized
to answer the telegram that $150 was
the price agreed upon.

Mr. Steinman reported that most all the
amount subscribed had been collected
with the exception of 3.00 and that they should
be charged against their dues and collected
by the collector.

Under the head of new business the matter
of seats for the holidays was taken up for
consideration. On motion it was ordered that
the price for seats for members be the same
as last year, with the charges as follows.
First Row $5.00 2nd Row 3.00 3rd and 4th Rows 2.50
5th and 6th Rows 2.00 7th and 8th Rows 1.50 and the remaining
6 last rows 1.00. Moved and seconded that
members buying seats for relatives be charged
the same price as their own.

Moved and seconded that nonmembers be
charged $3.50 each for all $1.00 seats of members
and $5 for all other seats.

An amendment was offered that the last 2 rows
2.50 each for nonmembers and the others 3.00 and 5.00.
The amendment prevailed.

The secretary was instructed to send out
Postal Cards to members stating that the
seats can be procured by applying to
Mr. Emil Steinman commencing
Monday, September 2, and no seats be sold
to nonmembers before the last week before
the Holidays.

The Secretary was authorized to purchase
12 Prayer Books and to sell them if applications
are made.

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