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Regular Meeting
Sacramento, October 30, 1901

The Board met and called to order by Vice President
Mr. L. Heilbron at 8 P.M.

Roll call Mr. Albert Elkus President absent.
Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.

The resignation of Mr. L. Kozminsky was read
and on motion, Mr. H. Fraley a committee of one
was appointed to call on Mr. Kozminsky and to
explain to him about the charge of seat.

The application for membership of Mr. E. Rosenstadt
who was proposed at the last meeting having
signified his willingness to pay the initiation
fee was elected to become a member of the
congregation and the secretary to notify him
of his election.

A communication from the Society for the
Endowment of Jewish Institutions was
read and on motion it was ordered to refer same
to the meeting of the members of the congregation.

Communications from the editors of the
Helpful Thoughts was read asking
for this congregation to subscribe
for 25 or more copies of their papers.
The communication has been referred
to the school directors to confer with
the Ladies Auxiliary Society.

The Treasurer states that he had paid
$60.00 to Mr. Leo Mannheimer on an
order signed by the president and secretary.
The action of the president was sustained.
On motion it was ordered that the Secretary
be instructed to call the Annual Meeting
of the congregation for next Thursday
evening, the 7th of November, for the purpose
of electing the officers, and also for the
purpose of considering the applications for
a Rabbi and other important business.

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