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The president reported that he has consulted
with members of the board and has telegraphed to
Mr. Lubin, Jr. to proceed to Montreal & attend services
at the congregation of Rabbi Kaplan & that the
congregation would pay expenses. Mr. Lubin answered
the telegram stating that it was impossible for him
to go.

A letter from Rabbi Landman of Temple Emanu-El, Montreal,
was read, speaking very highly of Rabbi Kaplan.
On motion it was ordered that the president be
authorized to tender a call for one year, salary $1800.00
to Rabbi Kaplan stating in the call what is expected
of the Rabbi & in return what he can expect from the
congregation & that the congregation would pay the
travelling expenses and that he should come at
the earliest possible & to telegraph the call.

The regular salaries were ordered paid & warrants
drawn on the treasurer for the amounts.
On motion it was ordered that the salary for cleaning
the synagogue be increased to $8.00 per month
commencing from January 1st, 1902.

No further business appearing
the meeting adjourned

Leon Salomon

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