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Sacramento, March 8, 1902

The board of officers met in the synagogue at 8 P.M.
Mr. Albert Elkus, President, presiding.
Roll call and absentees noted.
Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.

Rabbi Kaplan, who was invited by the president
being present. The president stated to him
of what duties he was to perform, and the doctor
addressed the board, giving an outline of what
he would do, and asking the cooperation of
the board and the members, that his intention
was to have services on Saturday morning
and would ask that at least one of the trustees
would attend the services. Also that he was
to have sermons on Sunday March 13
at 10:30 A.M. being Purim.

The resignations of Mr. A. Loorya & Richard
Label were read & accepted.
Proposition for membership of Mr. Marks
Levy was brought before the board
and on motion was accepted.

The following bills were read and ordered
H.S. Crocker & Co. Postal cards & printing 3.00
Frank Lyman, 2 16 [??C clamps] .40 [Note]
Aaron Wilson 2 keys .50
Capital Gas Co. .53
Rabbi Kaplan Expenses from Montreal 117.95

Bills Geo R. Stack one dated Dec. 30, 1901
for the expense of cleaning sewer drain $3.12 and
one dated Feby. 14/02 proposition of cleaning
cesspool $2.50 were on motion referred back
to building committee.

Mr. Emil Steinman moved that the year
of the rabbi should commence from Feby. 15
and 1/2 month salary be allowed, the motion

The secretary was instructed to notify
the choir that their services

[Note: Frank Lyman is a plumber, so probably not "lamps"]

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