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Sacramento, May 7, 1902

The monthly meeting of the Congregation B'nai Israel
ws held on this day. All officers present except
A. Bonheim and L. Salomon.

A communication ws received from Weinstock & Lubin
etc. quoting price on iron settees. On motion it was
voted to purchase four 4 foot settees at $7.30 each.

The cemetery committee was empowered to have
the fence and coping painted & whitewashed.
The bill of 88¢ & 1.40 were ordered paid.

A communication was received from the family of the
late M. Wilson thanking the board for plat and
flowers. The action of the president in donating plat
and purchasing flowers was approved. Bill of
McWilliams $5.00 was ordered paid.

The president announced that he has charged
$100.00 for grave for Mrs. N.J. Nathan.

An application for the position of sexton & collector
vice [Note] M. Wilson deceased was received from
Aaron Nathan. Upon motion action was postponed until
next regular meeting.

The vice president was instructed to write
to Mrs. Nathan representative and also to Mr. Hirsch
about graves.

There being no further business, the meeting

Mr. S. Lavenson, Secretary pro tem

[Note: "Vice" is Latin for "in place of"]

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