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Sacramento, September 11, 1902

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of
Officers of the Congregation B'nai Israel was called
to order by the President Mr. Albert Elkus.
At the roll call Messrs. W.S. Lavenson & J. Anchell
were noted absent.

Minutes of last meeting held June 18 were
dispensed with.

It was moved and seconded that the price
for seats be the same as last year. Carried.

The Secretary was instructed to send out
circulars to members that the chart will
open from the 15th to 25th inst. for members
& for nonmembers after the 21st inst.

The choir committee and the President were
authorized to engage Mrs. Moller and Mr. Beardsley
for the holidays.

The President was empowered to engage a
soloist for the holiday, the amount for same
not to exceed $10.00.

The Secretary was instructed to send a Bill
for $50.00 to Mr. M. Hirsch for the grave.

The Vice President reported that he received
a letter from Mr. Wahrhaftig in which he
stated that he would not be able to pay
the bill for grave till the month of October.

The resignations of Messrs. E.W. Morse & Solomon
on account of leaving City were accepted.

The regular monthly salaries were ordered paid,
also bills for gas for June, July & August
in all $3.13.

No further business appearing, the meeting

Leon Solomon Secy

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