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Special Meeting, Sept. 26, 1902

The Board met in the synagogue, Mr. Albert Elkus,
President, presiding. Rabbi Kaplan came before
the meeting and asked the Board if there
was any objection for him to sound the shofar
not being made. The President asked the Rabbi
if he had any suggestions to make in regard
to the coming holidays, not hearing of any, the
Rabbi asked to be excused from the meeting.

The Secretary reported that Aaron Nathan, I. Lesser.
and Abe Wilson were in arrears for dues, seats, etc.
The Secretary was authorized to notify
Aaron Nathan and Abe Wilson to place themselves
in good standing on or before the first of the
month, and if not in good standing, within
30 days from the date of notice, that they
would be suspended for nonpayments of dues.

No further business appearing, the
meeting adjourned

Leon Salomon

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