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Sacramento, October 26, 1902

The Board of Officers met in the synagogue at 3 P.M.
Mr. H. Weinstock and A. Bonheim noted absent.
Minutes of last meeting were dispensed with.

The annual report of the Secretary was read,
and on motion, it was ordered that the report be received
and synopsis spread on minutes as follows:

To balance in treasury last report $1196.61
Receipts during year for dues, etc. 2247.30
" from sales of plats. 210.00
" " seats to nonmembers 19.50
" Marriage fees 50.00
Total 3723.41

Disbursed 2688.40
Balance in Treasury 1035.01
Seats sold to members amounting to 213.50
" " nonmembers " " 74.00
Total 287.50

Offerings from members 40.50
" " nonmembers 12.50
Total $53.00

Number of members, last report 80
Admitted during the year 9
Total 89

Suspended for non payt. of dues 2
Left the city 2
Resigned 10
Total 14
Balance, membership 75

The resignations of Mr. E. Rosenstadt and Chas L.
Hexter were accepted.
The application of Mr. Ellers to become a member
of this congregation was read, and on motion,
ordered to be placed on the roll of membership.

The Secretary reported that Mr. Hirsch paid
$25.00 on account of the cemetery plats & asked

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