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Financial Report

Balance in Treasury last annual report 1035.01
Receipts during November 521.50
Total 1556.51
Disbursed 384.35
Bal. in Treasury Nov. 30th $1172.16

Sacramento, December 3rd, 1902

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Officers
of the congregation met in the synagogue at 8 P.M.
The President & Vice President being absent, Mr.
H. Weinstock presided. At the roll call, the following
were noted absent: President, Mr. Albert Elkus, Vice President
Mr. B. Wilson, Trustee Mr. A. Bonheim, & school
directors Messrs. H.L. Strich and M.S. Wahrhaftig.

Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved.

The following resignations were read & accepted:
D.J Simmons, Henry Meyer, and [??Fritz Hectiman].
Application of Mr. Dave Levy to become a member of the
congregation at the rate of $1.00 per month for dues
was on motion ordered received & placed on the roll.

A resolution was unanimously adopted that the Secretary
be instructed to have a letter drawn up and sent a
copy of every nonmember, enclosing blank propositions,
and that the President, Secretary and the Rabbi are
instructed to call in person upon each person such
letter & propositions were sent, to get them to join
the congregation.

Communications from the Secretary of the Union of American
Hebrew Congregations dated Cincinnati, Nov. 26th,
requesting to appoint 1 representative to the 18th
Council of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations,
which will meet at the Planters Hotel in St. Louis
on Tuesday, Jany. 20, 1903 at 10:00 A.M.
Communication ordered received & placed on file.

W. Hartman was suspended for nonpayment of

The Treasurer reported the receipt of $25.00 marriage fees
Towne & Weinstock. [Note]

[Note: Burton A. Towne & Alice Weinstock]

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