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Special Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Albert Elkus,
President, in the store 9th & K. The president stated
the object of meeting was to consider ways & means
to bring the family of our Rabbi to the city.
Full board being present except trustee Mr.
Louis Hilbron. The president stated that from
a conversation he had with the Rabbi, that he
thought if the congregation would make the
amount about $600.00, that he could then clear
himself of the lease on house in Montreal,
buy suitable clothing for his family, pay
fares & etc.

It was moved and duly seconded that $600.00
be allowed for the purpose and the president
be authorized to withhold such amount
after allowing the necessary expenses & retain
the balance until such time when his famly
will arrive here.

There being no further business, the
meeting adjourned.

Leon Salomon

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