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Regular Monthly meeting

Sacramento, January 7th, 1903

The board met in the synagogue at 8 P.M.
Mr. Albert Elkus, president, presiding.
Roll call, Mr. B. Wilson, Vice President, Mr. H.
Weinstock and Mr. S. Lavenson, trustees noted

Minutes of last regular meeting read and

The names of Mr. A. Bauer and Rudolph
Greenebaum were proposed to become members
of the congregation. On motion, it was ordered that
they be placed on the roll at the minimum
price of $1.00.

Mr. Jaffe offered to pay one dollar more dues
$3.00 in place of the $2.00 and Mr. Frommer $2.00
in place of $1.00.

Mr. Bonheim moved and seconded by Mr. Stich
that any coreligionist may becoem
contributing members at a minimum rate of
one dollar per month, but should have no
vote on any matter of the congregation, the
motion prevailed, nor take part at any meeting.

Mr. Bonheim moved that the president and
treasurer be authorized to sell the property
at $8500.00 for net cash, providing the property
not be delivered until we are ready to surrender
the same to give 30 days option and not less than
$100.00 forfeit. The motion was seconded by Mr.
Steinman and was carried.

The regular monthly salaries were ordered paid
and warrants drawn on the treasurer for the

The following bills were ordered paid
H & S Crocker & Co. Letterhead and circulars 4.50
C.P. Massey for wood and kindling 8.25
Sacramento Elec., Gas & Rw Co for incandescent lights 5.60
Same for gas .70

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