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Regular meeting of the Board of Officers
Sacramento, April 2nd, 1903

The board in the synagogue at 8 P.M.
The president and vice president being absent
Mr. A. Bonheim moved & duly seconded that
Mr. E. Steinman act as chairman.
The meeting was called to order. Roll call
& the following were noted absent.
President, Albert Elkus, Vice President, B. Wilson,
Trustee, H. Weinstock & School Director
L. Heilbron noted absent.

Minutes of last meeting Jan'y. 7th was read
and approved with the correction that
contributing members shall not be accorded
the same privileges as full members.

Communication from the Executive Commitee
of the Isaac M. Wise Memorial fund
dated Philadelphia, March 23, given notice
that the above memorial fund has just been
opened in Philadelphia. The aim of the office
is to complete so soon as may be, the fund
of a half million dollars required for the
endowment of the Hebrew Union College
at Cincinnati. And asking the support in
the good and necessary work. Asking a complete
list of the members and seat holders of the
congregation, also a second list of every
progressive Jew in our city not affiliated
with the congregation. On motion it was
ordered that the communication be received,
placed on file & the secretary instructed to
comply with their wishes.

The resignation of Mr. Dan Hyman
as a member of the congregation was read
giving as reason the departure from the
city. The resignation was accepted.
Mr. Phil Hirsch applied as contributing member
and his name was placed on the roll.

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