Status: Complete

On motion, it was ordered that all names
for full membership and contributing members
which during the last and this meeting have
been giving to the secretary and were placed
on the roll be confirmed.

The secretary reported that he has received from
the attorney Isaac Joseph the sum of 104.35
being the pro rata of the bequest of the late
Dave Harris. Also 25.00 marriage fee
Wise & Levy. Also $150.00 from S. Rosenfeld
for plat in cemetery.

The building committee reported that one of the
water closets was leaking and that it was
necessary to have a new bowl placed in.
The action of the committee was approved.
The regular salaries were ordered paid &
warrants drawn on the treasurer for the amounts.

The following bills were read and ordered paid
Geo. B. Stark 13.50
same for
Sacramento El., G & RR Co. for gas .60

Financial report
Balance in treasury last report 347.33

No further busines appearing, the meeting adjourned

Leon Salomon

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